Created in 2006, SASMO is one of largest math contests in Asia. It has expanded from 155 local participants in 2006 to more than 20 000 participants from 19 countries in SASMO 2016. More than 100 schools from Singapore took part in SASMO 2016.

The SASMO Team with the support of Advisory Council spend countless hours carefully developing contest papers which will touch on both school and Olympiad maths. This combined effort allow participants to do better compared to pure-Olympiad papers, since they are familiar with some questions and are able to put on their thinking caps for others, bringing out the inner mathematician in them.

With realistic and high standards, SASMO contests aim to stretch the untapped thinking potential of the student population, their participation in SASMO will help them improve in school mathematics as well as higher order thinking skills (HOTS).



SASMO caters to the top 40% of the student population and it aims

  • to arouse students’ interest in mathematical problem solving
  • to develop mathematical intuition, reasoning, logical, creative and critical thinking.



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